Fuel briquettes

as pellets, are biofuels made from the waste of wood industry: sawdust, bark and plant materials: straw, sunflower husk or peat. The production cycle includes chopping wood raw material and pressing it under high pressure.


Wood briquettes with high density - 1400 kg / m³ and more weight, are excellent fuel for fireplaces, as highly effective and burn in a furnace with virtually no residue. Fuel briquettes are ecologically clean fuel type, as they are produced from wood, in combustion they emit the same amount of carbon dioxide as a tree absorbs during its growth. Briquette’s manufacturing technology does not include any other chemicals than natural raw materials.


Briquettes contain about 10% residual moisture, therefore they do not require additional drying, such as fresh, just from wood logs. The basic rule of briquette storage - protection against water. One kilogram of wood briquette is sufficient to produce 5 kilowatts of thermal energy, higher calorific value fuel to the conventional 1.5.