- this is the most ancient and traditional source of heat, which is renewable fuel type. By definition, wood ... pieces of wood that are designed for burning in stoves, fireplaces, furnaces or fires for heat, heat and light.

There are different kinds of wood for heating purposes. Priority feature for choosing one or another wood for fireplaces and stoves is ... their calorific value, the duration of combustion and comfort during the using (the picture of the flame, the smell).
As it is demonstrated by the long-term heating folk practice, all the wood used for heating purposes, can be divided into three major groups:
1. Firewood from solid hardwood:
(Oak, beech, hornbeam, ash, acacia, birch, maple and others.)
This is the highest quality wood. They have a high calorific value, long and hot burning, form many embers (live embers). During the burning of wood in the furnace of heating unit, the high and stable temperature maintains for a long time.
2. Firewood of soft hardwood:
(Linden, aspen, poplar, willow, and others.)
The quality of the wood is considerably lower. It has a low calorific value, burns quickly and does not form the embers (live embers). During the burning of wood from soft hardwood, it is not always easy to stabilize the temperature in the furnace of the heater (wood burns quickly).
3. Firewood of coniferous wood:
(Pine, larch, spruce, arborvitae, etc.).
Firewood from this group has the high resin content. Resin logs burn long and hot, but, alas - a very smoky. This is because the resin burns incompletely. Resin residues as soot deposit in the chimney and the inner parts of the heater.
Buying wood for heating furnace or fireplace, it is recommended to take into account types of wood, because the burning of the ash wood differs from linden wood burning.
We offer natural drying wood, the wood from which firewood is carried, grows in the Ukrainian Carpathians, which remains an ecologically clean area to this day.
Firewood is mainly harvested and delivered in the form of sawn and chipped. The moisture content should be as low as possible. The length of firewood is mostly 25 and 33 cm. Such firewood is possible to buy in bulk (cubic meter of piled wood) or packaged (you can buy it by weight).
During the furnace of stove or fireplace, it is desirable the heat to be slower, but longer. Firewood from solid hardwood is the best for heating purposes, and therefore it is recommended to use firewood from such wood as oak, beech, hornbeam, ash ...