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    DAN-Holz e.U.

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    Sawn timbers are the wood products resulting from the sawing. Planks are made with special equipment by sawing or milling logs are classified by grade,

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    You can buy different types of biofuels, such as wood, hardwood, briquettes, pellets at DAN-Holz e.U. warehouse. All our products are confirmed by international quality certificates.




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    - this is the most ancient and traditional source of heat, which is renewable fuel type. By definition, wood ... pieces of wood that are designed for burning in stoves, fireplaces, furnaces or fires for heat, heat and light.

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    Wood pellets

    , pellets are the pressed wood production waste in the form of a cylinder. Their size is 6-8 mm in diameter and their length is from 5 to 70 mm, depending on the raw materials and equipment used for the production of pellets. The raw material for the production of pellets is:
    - Wood waste, bark;
    - Straw;
    - Sunflower husks;
    - Husks of grain crops;

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The base of sawn timbers and solid biofuels «DAN-Holz e.U.» sells products, which quality is confirmed by the all necessary certificates. Sawn timber's base «DAN-Holz e.U.» specializes in lumber from ecologically pure Carpathian forest. The unique quality of the Carpathian wood will provide the strength and durability of construction projects for which they are purchased. A solid hardwood firewood will fill your home with a warm, delicious aromas and a powerful energy of the ancient Carpathian Mountains. The high quality of our products - is the key to the well-being of the company «DAN-Holz e.U.»

Storage products' conditions meet all the existing requirements in our database. Thanks to this, our customers have  high-quality materials at their disposal that will achieve good results using them.
One of the main principles in the work of the company «DAN-Holz e.U.» is to maintain a policy of low prices. Individual approach to each client - is the basis of our business. Depending on the volume of transactions and standing orders, prices can vary, as the firm «DAN-Holz e.U.» considers private proposals for long-term trade cooperation.
The wood, thanks to its properties, will always remain one of the most popular decoration and the building materials.